The default invoice template can be customized to include company specific information such as images, addresses and other information. The following guide talks you through the customization process.

Organization Account

The contact name address, phone/email, tax information and logo for the organization are configured using a single account. By default, this account has the details of the first user who created the organization, i.e. whoever signed up first.

It is recommended that rather than using this default, the account is set explicitly via configuring your organization settings.

Steps to set organization account explicitly:
1) Create a new empty account to use as the organization account
2) Copy the ID of the account you want to use to represent the organization
3) Click Setup -> Invoice Template
4) Set the Representing AccountID to the ID copied in step (1)

To configure the fields for the organization on the invoice set the properties on the Organization Account.

The logo to display on the invoice and emails is set as the Logo URL field on the organization account. If the invoice renders on the left or right is set on the "Invoice Template" page under Header Display.

Contact, Electronic Remittance, Tax ID & Address

To set the organization billing contact data, edit the organization accounts profile and set the desired fields. For example you may want to set a contact phone number, email address and billing contact name.

It is recommend that electronic remittance data, for example ACH payment information is set using in the "Other Information" fields.

A specific field "Tax/VAT" is set aside as a tax origin ID.

To set the organization billing address, add a default address to the Organization Account. The address will render at the bottom of the invoice as a single line. You can include address information such as street address, state/province and zip/postcode.

Customer Billing Address

To set the customers billing information is the the same process as configuring the organization account. Set the profile information and address details and these will render on any subsequent or regenerated invoices.

Video walkthrough of setting up an organization and customer accounts.